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May 6, 2006 Designated "Written in the Heart" Day

"Written In The Heart" Day

May 6th, 2006, Designated as "Written In The Heart" Day! Churches and Schools Urged to Make Special Plans to Honor God's Law!

The Law of God Goes Public! As Christians throughout the nation are poised to celebrate the Ten Commandments on Sunday, May 7th, on the heels of several years of public controversy over displaying the Ten Commandments. The North American Religious Liberty Association, in conjunction with Liberty magazine and the Pacific Union Conference Department of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty are urging Seventh-day Adventist churches to celebrate "Written In The Heart" day, on May 6th.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church respects God's law, and teaches everyone to keep the entire law, by faith, and through the grace and power of God. We do not engage in political battles over whether or where to display the law publicly. We know that the state cannot change hearts, only God can.

Many have been asking what their church can do to honor God's law, in light of the renewed attention focused on the May 7th event. "Written in the Heart" day is a wonderful opportunity to remember God's new covenant promise to write His law in our hearts, and change us from the inside out.

Schools are also encouraged to schedule special programs and activities, and prepare students to participate in church programs.

Program Ideas

  • Sermon Message - Preach a sermon on the new covenant, the promise that God will write His law on the human heart, if we invite Him into our hearts.
  • Welcome Guests - Invite the community to participate, including personal invitations to other clergy.
  • Host a Public Forum - Conduct an afternoon public forum on the law of God, inviting clergy of other faiths to participate, including a rabbi. Include discussion of the relevance of God's law to our public life. Or plan this as an interfaith worship service, with readings and prayers on the theme of "Written In The Heart." Remember that the "new covenant" promise of the law written on the heart was first announced through Jeremiah, so this new covenant is as much Jewish as it is Christian.
  • Recognize Civic Leaders - Honor a civic or political leader for his contribution to human law, a judge, or a mayor, or someone that can be honored for serving to uphold law.
  • Distribute Brochures and Posters - Conduct a distribution campaign using brochures about God's law. There are two excellent brochures available: Taking a Stand for the Ten Commandments, written by Mark Finley, and available to purchase from Adventist Book Centers, and our own Written In the Heart brochure, available on a donation basis from the Pacific Union Conference Department of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty,; or 805-413-7396.

There is also a Written In The Heart poster available that can be distributed to businesses, medical and dental offices. Churches can obtain posters and brochures, and offer them to community businesses, with the poster already framed, and a simple lucite display for the brochures. Of course, businesses can be invited to make donations so that the ministry can be offered to others.

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  • Utilize Youth Volunteers - Be sure to involve the youth and schools in the event.
  • Hold an Art Contest - Schools may do special projects to honor the law of God. Poster assignments to illustrate the theme of the law written on the heart are especially encouraged, and each class should submit the best posters for posting on the website.
  • Sponsoring a Writing Contest - Writing assignments should address the same theme: the law written on the heart. Again, the best essays should be submitted for posting on the web. Students can be invited to read their essays at church.
  • Plan Special Music - School choirs and orchestras should prepare special musical selections to perform for the occasion.
  • Encourage Member Participation - Sabbath schools and church school classes can be encouraged to memorize relevant passages, such as the Ten Commandments, portions of Psalm 119, etc., and to recite them for the occasion.
  • Get the Word Out - Press releases should be prepared and distributed to local media outlets; announcements should be submitted for free publicity to various community bulletin boards, radio stations, newspapers, etc.

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