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The US Is No Longer the Land of the Free

By Jonathan Turley, Jonathan Turley's Blog

15 January 12

Below is today's column in the Sunday Washington Post. The column addresses how the continued rollbacks on civil liberties in the United States conflicts with the view of the country as the land of the free. If we are going to adopt Chinese legal principles, we should at least have the integrity to adopt one Chinese proverb: "The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names."

Church State Council Executive Director Alan J. Reinach, Esq. comments:  At long last, a concise overview of the erosion of civil liberties from a responsible source we can trust. Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington University law school, hosts the most popular legal commentary blog, and frequently appears on national television and radio. In short, Turley is someone you can trust to keep his facts straight, whether or not you agree with his opinion. We have needed this sort of “big picture” view of the landscape for a long time, so that we can better appreciate the transformation of our great nation into a national security state. Read it and weep! And then, consider what you can do to make a difference.