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Church State Council Legislative Update!

Church State Council Legislative Update!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


California Workplace Religious Freedom Act

Sails Through Assembly Judiciary Committee, 9-0! 

Thanks in no small measure to your phone calls, emails and letters, a bill to strengthen laws requiring employers to provide religious accommodation for workers passed with strong bi partisan support in the Assembly Judiciary Committee today.

When we entered the Capitol this morning, we were immediately overwhelmed by a line of literally hundreds of persons attending hearings on another bill. A quick google search revealed that the bill was designed to outlaw the use of dogs to hunt bears and bobcats. Yet, when we went upstairs to the Judiciary Committee, no such crowd turned out in support of workers’ rights to balance their work obligations with their religious commitments.

Although we expect the bill to clear its next hurdle, Appropriations Committee, and be passed by the California Assembly, much stronger opposition is expected in the Senate. At that time, it will be imperative for those who care about religious freedom to pull out all stops to send their emails, make their phone calls, and appear by the hundreds in support of workplace religious freedom.

“Every business day, Californians are losing their jobs for no other “crime” than their faith,” reports Alan J. Reinach, Esq., executive director of the Church State Council. “AB 1964 is urgently needed to remedy the problem. We are grateful to Assemblymember Mariko Yamada for her authorship of this bill.”




  • Visit the local district office of your own State Assembly member, and urge support for AB 1964. Take church members who have experienced Sabbath problems at work, so they can tell their stories.
  • Phone the Sacramento office of your Assembly member to urge support.
  • Write emails and letters in support.
  • Distribute this widely, and urge others to support the bill
  • Read up on the bill at 


Find your Assembly member here:

Talking points for letters and visits are on our website:


For more info:  Church State Council                       916-446-2552