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1-24-07: Solano County Board Grants Permission for Radio Ministry

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Solano County Board of Supervisors Grants Permission for Vacaville Seventh-day Adventist Church Radio Ministry – KASK

VACAVILLE, CALIFORNIA - After ten years of litigation, the Solano County Board of Supervisors yesterday voted unanimously to approve the modification of a use permit for the Vacaville Seventh-day Adventist Church, granting permission to locate its radio ministry on church property. This clears the way for the radio ministry to begin broadcasting gospel programming within weeks.

The litigation resulted in a settlement more than two years ago, and the church has been working with county officials to implement the details. The plan was reviewed five times in public hearings, first before the Planning Commission and then the Board of Supervisors before it was finally approved. It took the Planning Commission two tries before it approved the plan. Then it was appealed to the Board of Supervisors who initially voted against the plan, in December, and after further review, reversed their decision and approved it. The County approved a scaled-down version of the original plan, so that the radio station will now operate as a “rural residential enterprise.” Essentially, it is treated as a home-based business operating out of a caretaker’s residence.

Because modern radio operations are largely automated, it is now possible to stack the equipment in a bedroom, mount a couple of satellite dishes for receiving programming, and send a signal to a radio tower by means of a high speed internet connection. The church intends to produce some local programming, as well. The programming format will be religious talk with a strong emphasis on Adventist preaching. This format has been working in other places, and has produced many baptisms.

“After ten years of litigation, I’m exhausted and relieved,” said Alan Reinach, the Pacific Union Conference Director of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty who has guided the church through the litigation process. “It was clear from the beginning that God had given the church this radio frequency, but we have never understood why we had to struggle so long to get on the air. Perhaps, if the temptation arises in the future to sell or close this or another station, the church will remember how hard it was to get on the air, and think twice,” Reinach mused.

Pastor David Dordevic offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the circle of church members who attended today’s Board of Supervisors hearing. Many thanks to all of you who responded to last week’s e.lert call to prayer. Our prayers have been heard!

“One of the amazing things to come out of this battle,” Reinach observed, “is that the church has restored a strong relationship of trust and good will with county planning officials. We have been working closely together on this project, and have reversed the alienation that led to litigation in the first place. That is a real miracle” Now we can all continue to pray for the harvest of souls that God will be reaching out for through these radio broadcasts!


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Here are some of the legal documents that were used in this case. Ultimately the matter was settled with Solano County on January 23, 2007.

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