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The Third Angel's Message Goes to Talk Radio

When Time magazine’s special Easter issue ran a cover story about teaching the Bible in public schools, NARLA West president Alan Reinach knew he had to send out a press release and talk about it on the radio. Reinach has been actively doing talk radio appearances for several years. Even before he sent out the release, the phone rang twice. First, he was invited to appear on the Steve Gallimore show that is broadcast on both Lifetalk Radio, and also on the Hope Channel, thus going round the world. The second call was from his PR firm, asking for an updated press release. It seemed God was confirming that this was an opportunity that should not be missed.

In a week’s time, Reinach appeared on more than half a dozen radio shows across the nation, including two programs with wide national syndication and large audiences. In these interviews, Reinach explained the importance of the Bible to education, as well as emphasizing the need for public schools to remain objective, and for teachers to avoid pushing a religious or anti-religious agenda. Several conservative radio hosts asked how the Bible came to be excluded from public schools. Reinach answered by reviewing the history of what happened after the Supreme Court decisions of the 1960s. The Court expressed support for the academic study of the Bible, Reinach reminded them, but the Christian community insisted that the Court had kicked God, Bible, prayer and religion out of school. Religion became such a controversial topic, that school administrators didn’t want to touch it. Reinach urged Christian leaders to work in a cooperative spirit to restore some balance in the public schools, and warned against using the Bible as a political football.

A liberal talk show host was surprised by Reinach’s position, saying it was much more moderate than he had expected. He asked whether the Adventist view of religious freedom was informed by Ellen White and their status as a minority. While agreeing with the host, Reinach was able to explain how the Protestant view of the gospel provided the real foundation for religious freedom, because every soul must respond to God personally, without coercion or interference from church or state. In many of these interviews, Reinach had the opportunity to present key parts of the Three Angel’s Messages, including both an emphasis on America’s need for a genuine gospel experience and revival, and the danger of uniting church and state.

More talk radio appearances are scheduled on this topic. “It is thrilling to have the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience, and present prophetic insight in plain language,” said Reinach.