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NARLA West Board Plans to Increase Awareness of Liberty Issues

LOS ANGELES, CA – The NARLA-West Board (which covers Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah) met to develop plans to increase public awareness of the message of religious liberty, and to find new ways to protect the freedom of all.

Board members, including Alan Reinach - President, Alison Agins, Fabian Carballo, Lawrence Defehr, Tim Erich, Norm Farley, Deborah Fountain, Kevin James, Dorothy Keith, Gary Jensen, Loren Olson spoke in nine area churches. Pastor Dale Leamon held a special Friday night program at the Temple City Church.

“The NARLA-West board is dedicated to making a real difference through real, tangible action,” said Reinach, President of NARLA-West. “They are a strong group that is dedicated to pursuing religious freedom."

Stay tuned for further developments.