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SB 131-Oppose

SB 131 would retroactively eliminate the civil statute of limitations against private schools and private employers in claims involving childhood sexual abuse.  The bill is being vigorously opposed by the California Association of Private School Organizations (CAPSO). Seventh-day Adventist schools are affiliated with CAPSO.

SB 655-Support

Senate Bill 655 is a sensible measure that will restore a balanced approach to discrimination in cases of “mixed motive,” where the jury ultimately believes that discrimination was one of the reasons for an adverse employment decision.

SB 323 - Oppose

SB 323 would give the Franchise Tax Board authority to revoke the limited tax exemption of private youth groups from an excise tax imposed on “irregular and intermittent” sales used to raise funds to support these groups. This measure is improper and even unconstitutional.

AB 1085-Support

AB 1085 would restore cuts to the Cal Grant program enacted in last year’s budget, slicing 44% from the maximum grant for students at Independent Colleges and Universities [“ICU”]. The maximum grant was reduced from $9,708 to $5,472. AB 1085 would restore the grant to $9,700. No cut was made to Cal Grant for students at public institutions.

SB 327-Support

SB 327 would give victims of human trafficking some of the same protections currently afforded victims of domestic violence, namely, the right to have evidence of their having been trafficked and enslaved utilized in post trial proceedings.