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Legislative Alert - SB 1146 - California

Legislative Alert


 SB 1146 – Oppose

SB 1146 amends the California Education Code to eliminate any meaningful protection for religious colleges and universities to integrate faith into all aspects of campus life. It does so by applying broad anti-discrimination laws, including religious discrimination laws. Religious colleges may no longer be able to require faculty and students to uphold basic religious values. While the bill is vague it appears that employment decisions could not be based on religion, except for those teaching theology and religion.

SB 1146 also clarifies that there is a “private right of action,” i.e., the right to sue religious colleges and obtain not only damages, but injunctive relief. This means a court can order a religious school to hire unbelievers, to stop requiring students to attend worship, to stop requiring religion classes for students who object, etc.

This bill represents a threat to religious colleges and universities, many of which will be forced either to secularize or to shutter. 

What to do Now

For those of you who have a flexible schedule and are willing to come and testify at a hearing or if you are willing to make district office visits please call the Church State Council office at (916)446-2552.

Those who are more comfortable writing a letter or making a phone call

you can find out who your Legislator is at the link below and it will direct you to their web page at:   

All you need say or write is your name, city that you live in and that you are calling/writing to oppose SB 1146. Usually you will not be asked to give an explanation but it is wise to know the reasons.


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