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Legislative Update - 1146

Thank you to all who have helped to oppose provisions in California’s Senate Bill 1146 that would have destroyed the religious freedom of religious colleges and universities. The offending clauses have been removed from the bill! 

The remaining bill contains only “transparency” requirements that do not require colleges to change their policies, practices or beliefs, and do not expose them to additional lawsuits or the loss of Cal Grants.

This is a major victory this year, and it could not have been accomplished without massive public awareness and grassroots involvement. This is YOUR victory!

BUT…… yes, there is a big, huge, BUT!  …. Next Year ….. !!!

We expect to face a renewed effort next year, and it may be an even tougher bill. For one, it is likely that restrictions on religious freedom will be renewed. It is also likely that a measure will be introduced to deprive religious colleges of Cal Grants. (Cal Grants go to students, not to the schools, but they can only be used at colleges that comply with “the rules,” which will be amended to insure the colleges subordinate beliefs about human sexuality to the will of the State.)

If you believe preserving Christian education in California is important, we hope you will join our grassroots network, receive our email alerts and bulletin inserts, and mobilize in your churches.

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