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Books Available from the Church State Council

Wherever possible, links have been provided to online vendors who currently offer the resource. If a link is not provided, please contact us to obtain a copy.

Politics and Prophecy: The Battle for Religious Liberty and the Authentic Gospel

Christa Reinach and Alan Reinach, editors

What do politics have to do with Bible prophecy? And how is the battle for religious freedom a struggle for an authentic gospel? This volume is a collection of short, vibrant articles on the pressing religious liberty issues of the day, with refreshing and bold spiritual insight. Those newly investigating religious freedom will be astounded by the clarity, while seasoned supporters of our first freedom will equally thrill to the wisdom and insight of this collection. Chapter titles include:

  • Liberty and the Gospel
  • “Render Unto God:” how Should the State Relate to God?
  • The Rise and Fall of Religious Free Exercise
  • An American Ayatollah?
  • Can Johnny Pray in Public School?
  • The Battle over Origins
  • The Battle for the Ten Commandments

Christian Faith and Religious Freedom

V. Norskov Olsen

This small volume provides a very useful overview of the basic principles of religious freedom from a Christian perspective, surveying both history and theology. The author served as president of Loma Linda University, and is a distinguished scholar and theologian.

Trials and Triumphs: Miraculous Stories of Sabbath Victories

Crystal Earnhardt

This easy read tells short stories of Adventists who have lost their jobs rather than work on Sabbath, in violation of their faith and conscience. Many of these stories document the blessings of God in providing something better.

Liberty of Conscience: Roger Williams in America

Edwin S. Gaustad

This is one of the best biographies of the founder of Rhode Island who played such an instrumental role in developing Protestant concepts of the separation of church and state, written by an esteemed Protestant historian.

Religious Freedom and Indian Rights: The Case of Oregon v. Smith

Carolyn N. Long

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “peyote case” that destroyed our religious freedom. Here is the story. Well told by a careful historian, for the first time you can meet the plaintiffs, learn of their spiritual journey in the peyote practices of Native Americans, and read about their literal trials and tribulations.

To the Last Drop of Our Blood

Ann Burke

This is a new history of the Waldenses, written especially from the religious liberty angle. The Waldenses were evangelical dissenters from the Roman Catholic Church who survived for centuries in the Alps, despite frequent persecution from the church. It is a wonderful story, and well worth reading.

Corporate Repentance: Plea of the True Witness

Robert J. Wieland

An inspiring study of the critical topic of repentance in light of the heart preparation needed to be ready for the return of Christ.

Pretenders to the Throne

Roland R. Hegstad

Roland R. Hegstad, for thirty years editor of Liberty Magazine, wrote this brief and readable book about the prophetic developments surrounding the fall of the Soviet Empire.

The Day Evil Dies

Clifford Goldstein

This short book examines the great controversy theme in a refreshing manner, discussing deep theological issues like the question of human suffering in a very readable and engaging book designed for sharing with friends.

A Down to Earth God

Garry Genser

A devotional book based on illustrations from true stories taken from country living, written by a thoughtful and sensitive pastor.