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April 13, 2005 – Liberty Magazine Special Issue on the Ten Commandments

By Alan J. Reinach

Attention all pastors and members ready to respond to public agitation over the Ten Commandments issue!!!

There has been a growing public cry to acknowledge the Ten Commandments for several years now. This has culminated in legal battles going to the U.S. Supreme Court over the public display of the Ten Commandments in and around public buildings. This public attention provides Seventh-day Adventists with a wonderful opportunity to champion the spiritual realities of the Ten Commandments, and remind people of the binding nature of the Sabbath

Liberty magazine is responding to this phenomenon by publishing a special issue on the Ten Commandments, the May/June 2005 issue. The entire issue is devoted to a discussion of what is at stake in the Ten Commandments initiatives. It unambiguously proclaims the importance of keeping the entire law of God, including the Sabbath.

In order to help you get the message out to the many inquiring minds in our communities, Liberty magazine is ready to overprint as many copies as needed. You can obtain these issues in quantities of 100 at the low rate of $50 per 100, shipping and handling included. You must respond immediately to order magazines at this pre-publication rate.

Liberty is of course an award winning, professional publication that presents authoritative material to community leaders in a style that they readily accept. This issue will enrich your evangelistic outreach in a way no other Adventist material can.

Call in your order to the Liberty Office, 301-680-6690.

This special issue of Liberty includes an article explaining each of the Ten Commandments written by Alan J. Reinach, Esq. It is designed to communicate especially with secular folks. I hope you like it, and I encourage you to order these magazines.

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