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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is defined as the movement of women and children for purposes of prostitution or sexual slavery. It includes transporting, transferring, harboring, or sale. Trafficking usually occurs through means such as drugging, kidnapping, raping, assaulting, or other forms of violence.

Each year, over 2,000,000 women and children are trafficked against their will in the sex trade business; 1,200,000 million are children. Trafficking is big business, with a value of more than ten billion dollars.

Here are some of the facts:

Alarming Facts

  • Between 18,000 and 20,000 of those victims are trafficked into the United States alone. This estimate includes men, women, and children trafficked into forced labour and sexual exploitation. Trafficking in Persons Report 2003 USA Department of State
  • Children from Mexico are sold to brothels in the U.S.A.
  • Almost 200,000 Nepali girls, many under the age of 14.are sexual slaves in India.
  • An estimated 10,000 children between 6-14 are virtually enslaved in brothels in Sri Lanka.
  • 15,000 children were sold into sexual slavery in Cambodia between 1991 -97.
  • 60,000 Thai children are sold into prostitution/prostitutes according to the Thai government, but non-governmental organization (NGO) experts estimate there are 800,000.
  • An estimated 10,000 women from the former Soviet Union have been forced into prostitution in Israel.
  • 20,000 women and girls from Burma have been forced into prostitution in Thailand.
  • Of 155 cases of forced prostitution brought to court in the Netherlands, only four resulted in conviction of the traffickers. Statistics provided by The Protection Project – John Hopkins University
  • Of the estimated 2,000,000 persons trafficked each year, Africa accounts for 450,000.
  • Between 1999 and 2000 over 1180 trafficked girls were repatriated to Nigeria. This does not include those who were not caught, the dead and the maimed, and those sick with AIDS. Her Excellency Chief (Mrs) Amina Titi Atiku Abubakar
  • The UK Home office reports that in 1998 (the number is believed to have risen dramatically since) 1,400 women were trafficked into the UK for exploitation. It is “thought” that a similar number of children are trafficked into the UK for exploitation as prostitutes, child labour, or for criminal gangs and benefit fraud. UNICEF ’Stop the Traffic in Children'

Statistics were gathered by the Salvation Army (

NARLA is committed to working toward the abolition of the scourge of human trafficking.

For more information -

California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery (CA ACTS) - California Attorney General's organization focused specifically on the issues of human trafficking in California.

Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST-LA) - Los Angeles organization that assists persons trafficked for the purpose of forced labor and slavery-like practices and to work toward ending all instances of such human rights violations.

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach - provides comprehensive legal services to victims of human trafficking in the State of California.

Bilaterial Safety Corridor Coalition - an alliance of over 60 government and nonprofit agencies in the United States and Latin America that is convened in and along the U.S.-Mexico Border Region to combat slavery and human trafficking. BSCC operates out of San Diego, California as well as Tijuana, B.C. Mexico.