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San Diego County Issues Citation Ordering Home Bible Study to Cease

Across the nation a news frenzy has erupted over the story of a home bible study being required to stop meeting unless it obtains a Major Use Permit, costing thousands of dollars. Pastor David Jones and his wife Mary Jones were issued a citation for conducting a weekly Bible study at home, where an average of 15 people attended for over a year.

In a letter to the county from the homeowner’s attorneys, the Western Center for Law and Policy, the discriminatory nature of the citation is clearly exposed, since the County routinely permits weekly gatherings in private homes for secular purposes, such as scout groups, poker games, sewing circles, and the like.

Unfortunately, such a story is not exceptional. Stories like this motivated Congress to pass the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, protecting religious land use.

The Western Center for Law and Policy has compiled the news reports, and other relevant documents on their website:

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