Volume 4 – Number 11


Church State Council Lobby Day??? So What??

May 3, 2010
8:00 a.m. registration;  Reception:  5:00 p.m. – 6: 30 p.m.
To register: call (800) 732-7587 or click here!
For more info: 916-446-2552

Monday, May 3rd Seventh-day Adventists will have the opportunity to demonstrate whether they are content to doze in blissful laodicean slumber, or whether they have been awakened to the seriousness of the times in which we live. This is when Adventists will gather at the California Capitol in Sacramento, for a "lobby day."

While the earth is quaking and erupting around the world, sobering thoughtful students of Bible prophecy, American freedoms continue to erode and few dimly realize what is at stake. Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in a case in which two lower federal courts essentially held that Christianity is bigotry, and that a Christian club can be denied status in a public university law school. The freedom that you and I cherish as Christians, to worship God and teach the Bible is definitely under attack. I have never been prone to using alarmist language, so please pay attention.

One of the bills we are opposing next week on Lobby Day addresses one of these concerns. Senate Bill 906 is styled as a religious liberty bill because it purports to protect the rights of churches and clergy who refuse to perform same-sex weddings. In fact, it signals a new threat both to marriage and to religious freedom. It signals future attacks on the tax exempt status of religious institutions, such as colleges and universities. It also redefines marriage as "civil" opening up the door to future legal challenges of Proposition 8's definition of marriage.

While Senate Bill 906 really does pose a very serious threat to the freedoms of any faith group that believes in marriage – it also presents an opportunity for us to deliver a very clear message that supporting marriage is not bigotry to gays. You see, our message is about an inclusive system of liberty of conscience based on the golden rule: respect the rights of both religious believers and those who choose to define themselves according to their sexual orientation. Unfortunately, this bill does not begin to achieve this, and actually signals hostility to people of faith.

We are also continuing to recruit sponsorship for an urgently needed bill to address the most pressing religious liberty issue today: discrimination against workers because of their religious practices. This bill would offer considerable help, first and foremost, to those seeking work in this difficult economic climate. It would help insure that people of faith are not excluded unfairly from the workplace.

It is late in the day for us to take action to protect religious freedom. You can do your part by joining us on Monday, May 3rd. The penalty for late registration is being waved so the cost is only $15!