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June 14, 2004 - The ACLU Attacks the Workplace Religious

By Alan J. Reinach

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sent an action alert to their members on June 9th implying that the Workplace Religious Freedom Act is a partisan attempt designed to restrict access to reproductive services and to privilege harassment. These claims are patently false. The bill is not a partisan vehicle. It is supported by a broad coalition of forty-two major religious organizations that span the ideological and religious spectrum, with exactly half of the 22 sponsors in the Senate being Democrats and exactly half being Republicans. There is widespread agreement among attorneys who have analyzed the bill that the ACLU's concerns are overwrought at best; at worst they are knowingly misleading and display a latent hostility towards religion.

It is time to pass the Workplace Religious Freedom Act (S. 893). Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers agree that the current gap in the law that permits the mistreatment of people of faith in the workplace--whether they are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs or others--must be fixed. The unbalanced views of the ACLU cannot prevent passing protection for many millions of religious Americans who work every day to make this nation great. Americans should not be forced to choose between remaining faithful to God and retaining their job.


  • Take one minute to send your letter by e.mail to your U.S. Senators. Go to our home page, and click on the legislative action item for the Workplace Religious Freedom Act. Send a form letter, or add your own words of support.
  • Forward this e.mail widely to family and friends, and urge others to support this bill.
  • Don't underestimate the power and influence of the ACLU. Your Senators need to receive many more letters in support of the bill than the ACLU is generating in opposition.

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