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June 21, 2004 - Workplace Religious Freedom Act, S-893

By Alan J. Reinach

Following the ACLU's attempt to sabotage the Workplace Religious Freedom Act, S-893, more than 3000 e.mails have been sent to the U.S. Senate in the first week of our campaign to build momentum in support of this bill. The Workplace Religious Freedom Act will strengthen civil rights laws against religious discrimination in employment, providing much needed relief for those facing the loss of the their jobs due to religious observances, such as Sabbath keeping.

We need 20,000 people to send e.mails by going to and following the instructions there. It takes literally one minute. In order to get this bill passed, everyone reading this e.mail needs to take responsibility to do all in your power, not only sending your own e.mail, but taking the initiative to obtain as many other e.mails as possible.

We have a realistic opportunity to pass the bill this year. Both Republican and Democratic sponsors want the bill to be passed this year. We need to overcome ACLU opposition and build momentum. If we do our job, Congress may just do its job.


1. Do the math. 700 churches and companies in the Pacific Union. Only 30 e.mails from each church, and we reach our goal. Not all will participate. Those that do participate need to obtain e.mails from EVERY member! That must be the goal!

2. HOW? Weekly announcements, and after worship, have worshippers send e.mails from a computer set up in church. OR, send around a sign up sheet, and have everyone put their name, address and e.mail, if they have one, and the religious liberty leader or a volunteer can input all the names, sending the letters off.

3. Letters and Bulletin Inserts from the GC are attached to this e.mail. If you do not get the attachments, they are posted on our web site, Print these out, and distribute widely in church and wherever they may help. [They are also being sent out by U.S. mail to every church in the U.S. ]

4. Take responsibility to personally obtain the commitment of the members of your family, and your church, to send the letters, and then follow up to insure they have done it.

5. Don't neglect the youth. They are entitled to send letters too. Their future jobs will be on the line if this bill is not passed. Even non citizens are entitled to send e.mails. People should be encouraged to register to vote, but one does not need to be a voter or a citizen to send an e.mail. All they need is to know their own name and address.

6. Circulate this e.mail and our previous e.lert, to as many people as you can, urging them to send their own e.mails, and to keep this forwarded. E.mail campaigns can be extraordinarily effective.

7. Put banner ads or announcements on your web page. A banner ad is available at or at You can copy it, and paste it on your own web page.

8. PRAY! Pray hard, and then work hard. Ask for wisdom to know what to do. Make it a priority to obtain e.mails every day, to do something every day, until the bill is passed. We will send regular updates, so you will know what is happening. If you do not receive this e.mail directly from us, please e.mail to to be added directly to the list, and insure that you receive timely updates.

9. Financially support this effort by becoming a dues paying member of the North American Religious Liberty Association, details and on-line sign up at

More information on Workplace Religious Freedom Act, S-893, go to

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