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Congress, Don't Penalize Seniors Who Tithe!

James Standish

Dear Friends of Freedom:

There is a bill pending in the House of Representatives that would make it much harder for many seniors who tithe and make other charitable donations to qualify for Medicaid. The bill is not designed to penalize faithful tithe payers, but that is exactly what it does!

We urgently need letters written to Congress letting them know about the problem and telling them to fix it before the bill is passed.

To write a letter, simply go to and enter your zip code in the "Write to Congress" box. You can send a letter to Congress in about two minutes and make YOUR voice heard on this critical issue.

May God bless you,

James Standish


Sample Letter


Dear Representative:

I am writing to request that you oppose S. 1932 unless it is amended to prevent a penalty to seniors who support their churches and other non-profits.

S. 1932 would change the current look back period for Medicaid eligibility from the current 3 years to a new 5 years. More problematic is the fact that the period of ineligibility would begin at the time an individual applies for Medicaid rather than at the time the gift is made as is the case under current law. The law applies to all gifts or other disqualifying transfers and there is no exception for charitable gifts. As a result, the law will penalize seniors who pay tithe, offerings and other support for their churches and other nonprofit entities.

Unless S. 1932 is amended, it will have serious consequences on churches and other nonprofits. In addition, it will be devastating to seniors who have few assets but whose faith prompts them to give to charities.

I sincerely hope you will vote NO on S. 1932 unless it is amended to ensure seniors are not harmed